We provide the following services


We can provide bespoke engraving services for glassware purchased through us. Please contact us for further information.



If you have purchased a cask of whisky or other spirit and want to have the bottling to suit you, we provide two levels of service.

  1. Using an existing design of bottle from Glencairn and have it labelled/engraved and packaged from a range of choices provided by us.
  2. Bespoke decanter/bottling design service. This is the top level of service and would suit bottlings for corporate or private individuals whom have purchased a very special cask(s). The design will belong to the client only and can only be used again by them.  Glencairn are a leader in this field and make special decanter bottles for the very top of the whisky world.



Training and Education is a part of what we provide. We use the Aroma Academy course for classes with a specific focus of whisky as well as a generic aroma class entitled “Awaken Your Senses”.  From time to time a masterclass will be held where we invite the principal trainer of Aroma Academy over to deliver it.


For all of the above please contact us to get more details.

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