Aroma Academy Classes


Aroma Academy Classes

An opportunity to experience a unique and refreshingly different approach to the world of aromas.

The Aroma Academy Class is an experience for the senses and the emotions which is both educational and enjoyable! There is a general Aroma Class in you learn the basics about aromas without too much emphasis on a particular spirit/wine as well a more focussed class that looks at Whisky, Wine, or Gin.

What will you gain from the Class? – The Benefits

Did you know that over 95% of flavour is dependent on the sense of smell? Therefore, training the Nose is the key to unlocking the secrets of flavours.

  • The ability to identify the key aromas and flavours found in spirits/wines
  • Learn the insider secrets to identifying the key aromas.
  • Remove some of the mystery behind the range of flavours found.
  • Improve your knowledge of Whisky/Wine/Gin aromas.
  • Sample some spirits/wines – and enjoy them in a whole new light.
  • Have a lot of fun in the process!!


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