About Us


We started as an importer of hand caught shellfish from Scotland but on one of my sourcing trips I was introduced to the world of cask whiskies at my local pub, the Stockbridge Tap. Having spent most of my life drinking standard whisky since I could remember I decided to start importing this kind of whisky... and with whisky you need a glass and that is how we got to know Glencairn Crystal with whom we have been working and representing for just about 9 years

That was almost 10 years ago and it is now 2023. We opened our retail arm, Caskells Whisky & Fine Spirits, as well as co-founding the HK Whisky Festival, and have helped clients to source and bottle private label whiskies as well as premium decanter projects for some very rare Scotch. We will keep doing it as service and privacy are strong elements of our service.


Tastings and private events

Bottling and Private label projects

Sourcing/Broking Whisky casks

Direct Retail